Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bratwurst, Alps and hemp fields

Switzerland – the land of chocolate, clocks and banks….right, and why on earth did I go there, you may ask? Because I had people to visit and no plans for my holiday. And, as Estonian weather is as unreliable as a ….there really is no comparison, Estonian weather is the most unreliable thing I know… then it’s wiser to get away from here for a holiday.
So I bought the ticket and flew over, without planning anything other than 2 nights’ stay in Zurich. All the rest was up to Mr. M (a.k.a. the kiwi), my host, who took really good care of me. We saw the towns (Luzern, Zurich, Stein am Rhein etc) and the countryside and the lakes and Europe’s largest plain waterfalls, took a walk in the Alps, did some camping, ate schnitzel and bratwurst and Lindt chocolate and basically just had a good time.
Switzerland is everything you think it is with a little extras and surprising aspects. It’s very neat and clean and pretty and green – you will not see any rubbish anywhere, all the houses have flowers on pretty much all the window sills. The nature is beautiful with all the variations of green you can imagine and the Alps are impressive. All the cows really do have bells on them and so do the sheep. People in countryside are extremely traditional and xenophobic. Zurich, however, is rather cosmopolitan and free spirited city. For instance you can easily catch a whiff of weed walking on the streets of old town and I saw more gay couples than I’ve seen anywhere lately. Then again, maybe they were all just really good friends:) The countryside also has a few surprises to offer. M took me to one of the best tourist attractions anyone’s ever taken me. A local farmer was growing a huge field of ….really tall green grass. It was as like I got lost in The Beach movie. It wasn’t hidden or anything. I hear that the local policeman lives down the street and is a good friend of the farmer.
Couple of things worth pointing out, what I really liked, were:
- evening and night at the lake Zurich
- the Rheinfall waterfalls
- the clear air in the Alps
- the field, of course
- Mr. M
- meeting up with Mr Acorn
About the last item, I almost forgot to mention. The legendary Swede/Estonian Mr. Acorn is staying in Zurich for a while and of course I met up with him. He’s as adorable as he used to be and it was great to have secret conversations with him in Estonian. There was lots to talk about as he is probably one of the most curious men I know.


Karupoeg Pohhui said...

Ma oleks tahtnud seda kanepi lehte ... pannud raamatu vahele ja kuivaks ära ... saad aru :(

Hernes said...

No vaatame, kas annab selle osas miskit teha.

Terje said...

ma panin 6 aastat tagasi ühe sellise sveitsist toodud lehekese raamatu vahele. nüüd värvus teine kollaseks ja näeb õige nutune välja. aga endise uhkusega ripub seinal klaasi all. k
anepi puhul ongi vist see esteetiline pool parim - puht visuaalne külg ja see, millise esteetilise värvi ta mõtetele loob...

aga kadri, lase sõbral postikanaga saata see leht!

Hernes said...

Peab midagi välja mõtlema jah.

Herbaarium on selle asja nimi:)

Karupoeg Pohhui said...

jes, jes ... i want!

Nika said...

i envie u!!!!:)))