Thursday, December 28, 2006

My 3 Xmas

Ufff, so much to write about before the end of the year… yet, so little time. 2 last days at work in 06, time to wrap everything up and clean my desk and drawers of all the rubbish to be ready for 07. And S is visiting, and N needs my time and love because her love has left the country, again.

I’m done celebrating Christmas with the 3 of my closest families. First there was the office Xmas – with the biggest of my families. As already a tradition, there were performances. The girls performed a Thriller inspired dance and the boys (the competitive little …:) had 2 performances – one James Bond inspired act and another one, which was inspired by god knows what….probably by “Strictly come dancing”. And we ate and we drank and we held speeches. And as much as I wanted to go on partying and move on to night club, I just couldn’t. I drank one espresso after another, but still I was so sleepy that I had to retire.
Then there was the family Christmas – mum, dad and the 3 kids. I got lots of excellent presents and we ate and we drank and….we ate some more:) And the next day we went to the country and we lit the candles on the cemetery, visited some relatives and ate some more. The weather was excellent and it was all really nice and I even managed to take some photos.

And then there was the other family Christmas, with S, A, N and PM. So you can only guess what we did. A safe bet is to guess that we ate and we drank and we exchanged presents. Some really nice presents. Strangely enough I got several pairs of knickers. I’m surprised how well Mr. Claus knows my size and taste in this field:)

(Let me know if you want to see more pics)


R said...

Of course, Honey!!! I ALWAYS wanna see more pics!!!
I wish you a wonderful new year, Cherry!!!(Meeting again! ;))

N, I wish you a fantastic new year as well! Don't be sad, sweetie. ;))

Hernes said...

I sent the link to you, honey. Hope you got it.