Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr Claus

Last Friday proved again that you basically only need the right crowd to have an effortlessly good party. Well, seemingly effortless, as there are always things that need to be organized. It was J’s late birthday/house-warming party and you can only imagine our surprise when at some point in the evening we got a visit from Santa Claus…Mr. Claus was a bit to the kinky side with his ambiguous jokes, or maybe he was just automatically picking up our crowd’s vibe. Anyhow, I was glad he was still just a Santa, giving us presents and telling his stories, and not a Santa/Stripper, who’d have ruined my whole perception of Santa:) So, the Santa was the organized part, but the rest of it was all rather spontaneous, like Kox giving a memorable performance of the song “I fire you all!”, or the otherwise always sober as a judge, but this time so cutely drunk M, proclaiming his love to all the friends; or all of us singing the re-independence time songs together…eh, the moments that make memories…at least til the next party comes along.

And well, today the ultimate Christmas week starts, with Christmas lunches, Christmas dinners, Christmas parties etc. By the end of the week I’ll have eaten so much that it’s only wise to start the week off with the tight fitting dresses and leave the more loose ones to the end of the week:) I’ll review the best of the events here as well. Keep reading!

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