Sunday, September 18, 2005


Friday brought us yet another story of how small the world really is. Borut was coming to town…So, the story is following – Borut is my friend from Croatia, who came to a Summer University in Estonia a couple of years ago, I was one of the organizers then. A year after that I went to an SU in Croatia, Borut was one of the organizer. So, me coming to Ljubljana was a great chance to see eachother again…and as it turns out – this year Borut went to an SU in Spain and our dearest Spanish girl Ruth was one of the organizers …sooooo…Borut now came to see both of us:)

Ok, we picked up Borut in train station – gave him a loud and warm greeting…went to eat in šestisa – place where you can eat some traditional Slovenian food. Now, pay attention here!!….this was the first time (of many to follow) where Slovenians tried to kill us with their food…See, the food is good and there’s always a lot of it…

Friday evening we had a European night – we were 8 people from 4 countries – Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain…drinkin sangria, Vana Tallinn, some local liquers and talkin, havin fun, listening to Borut’s crazy stories – he’s hilarious!

And later, off we went to a bar/nightclub called AS, which basically means ace but you might as well call it Ass. Why, you ask:) See, the place was packed and the only way some guys were trying to make contact was touching your ass when you were trying to walk past them. Lots of ass connection I tell you. But actually I think As was my favourite of the Lju nightclubs – I liked the place, the music, the mojitos were perfect and we danced the whole night so that sweat was dropping from our hot bodies to the floor…Oh, btw, they’re gonna have the TV show called Bar filmed in As and I think it has started by now..

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