Thursday, September 29, 2005


My London network is developing. I have a really good friend living there for what…a couple of years already, another friend has been living there for about half a year. And now….yet another good friend is moving to Lnd, which is in a way bad (I will miss him) but in a way good (another friend to meet up in Lnd).

Plus I heard from my Mexican friend that his father just opened a Mexican restaurant in London called Mestizo. So, whenever I go to Lnd, I am very welcome at that place. And Mexican food is delicious…..

But what is this all about? Why’s everybody moving to London? Is London like a city equivalent for what USA is as a country? Is London the city of all possibilities? What is it that draws people to London these days? It isn’t the weather, that’s for sure – for that you’d go somewhere more south, it’s not the cheap living costs – you’d pick some less westernized country, I think it’s not even the best party places – for that I think Madrid would be better. It has to be work then, I guess. Big business! Money! A guy from New Zealand once pointed out that he would never choose London as a place to live, but the money is just too good! So he works a couple of months and travels, works again and travels some more…

I like to visit London – go shopping, go out with friends, spend hours in bookstores, travel by tube, walk around, talk to people, make some photos, read a book at some park, spend some time at Portobello market, bump into celebrities:), enjoy the endless diversity of people, and basically, just have fun – but I am not entirely sure if I could ever really live there…
Having written all that I realized that I miss London and I think I should really book some flights and go and take another look at the city of all possibilities:)

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