Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The final countdown

On Friday we thought the best idea is to catch the very last glimpse of sun and sea and headed for Portoroz again. Bathed in sun a bit, chilled on a terrace of Nika’s friend and headed home. This time with a concrete plan to hitchhike home coz transport in Slovenia is not as cheap as you might think. Anyways…5 minutes and we were already in a car on our way to Lju…and it got even better, as the car took us straight home…as it appeared, the guy lived very close to where we were based. Incredible! In the morning we payed 2800 tolars and spent 2,5 hours in a bus (plus about 0,5 hour going to the center). And in the evening we paid 0 and spent 1,5 hours in a car:)

In the evening we went to have pina coladas in Ursula, talked about Estonian and Slovenian economy, met the Portuguese guys again, went to a nightclub Global, which was full of babes (I don’t understand, are babes a nation on their own? Wherever you go, they’re there!), Nika went home earlier, I stayed and had a good time with Portugal, experienced the heaviest rain I have seen in quite a while and finally took a taxi home.

On Saturday I finally wrote my postcards, bought some local delicacies, had a wonderful lunch in Romeo, did some packing, slept, watched Ice age, went out again – As, Global, more fun with Portugal, traditional Slovenian “after-party-at-5-in-the-morning-snack” called burek and back home. Slept for 3 hours, did some more packing, went to airport, said the goodbies and headed home…Ljubljana-Berlin-Tallinn… and home I was… the end of a wonderful experience!

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Dj said...

hmmmm so we look like footballers! suppose that's a good thing :)
anyways, just wanted to leave you here a big kiss and say that i really look forward to a great night in Privee in November!!
Dj Belic