Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The three S

Wednesday was the sad day of Ruth leaving which doesn’t mean that we were sad. Using Ruth’s own words: “Why would I be sad if I have had such a wonderful experience. I am happy.” We had another Lju city tour, visited the castle, had a virtual tour through centuries, learned that Ljubljana means “The beloved”, was once called Emona and dates back to the Greek myth of Jason and Agronauts, but most of the buildings are from around 1600… something.

Afternoon brought yet another, this time final, Slovenian food attack, and this almost killed me. Katja was cooking – everything was delicious – and the result was a belly as big as 5 months pregnant…

In the evening Erasmus student party in KMS, where I felt like a kid in a candy store – so many goodlooking boys from all the different countries for all the different tastes – that finally you are unable to choose and loose the appetite…We danced a lot until it was high time to literally RUN to the train station and send Ruth away... After that, back to the party, danced some more, met three Portuguese guys, who all look like football players to me. Maybe, coz so far the only Portuguese I knew, were the football players.

Thursday, the three S day – shopping, which also qualifies as sports and salad, only the third S was missing. Met the Portuguese guys again – their names are Nuno, Bernardo and Paulo:)…. I’m tellin’ you – like footballers… learned the correct way of pronouncing Barrichello…and that pretty much summed it up.

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R said...

Missing you! Loving you!