Monday, September 19, 2005

Ne dela

Saturday brought yet another food attack, but this time in the form of cakes. In a very pleasant form:) Borut kept insisting that we have to eat some cakes in Svesda…Nika insisted in not being in the mood for cakes but when 4 of them were on the table, even she could not resist and finally there were 5 of them:)

Then Borut had to go back to Zagreb and we took a train with him…going halfway – to Nika’s hometown – Sevnica. Small town, approximately 17 000 people, 1 good bar (ok-ok, Nika, I know there’s three, but I saw just one:) and everybody knows everybody, literally! Ordered a pizza, drank tequila, ate some salt and lemon, had very deep conversation about life, went to party in Nulo-Nulo (Zero-Zero or 0:0), danced a lot, again and raised a lot of local interest… (“Who are those foreign girls with Nika, one blond and northern and one dark and southern?”)

Next day was Sunday, or Nedela, like the Slovenians call it – which is very appropriate as Ne Dela means no work. We took it word by word and went to Nika’s mum’s place on a mountain. This was the 3rd Slovenian food attack…like…how much can I take!!! So we ate, had some cakes, slept in the sunshine, had some more cakes, ate some more, had some more cakes and potica (a special local cake), rested some more, met some more family – sister and her guy and their kids… til it was time to head home…had a quiet night at home and made a resolution for the next week – to concentrate on 3S – salad, sport and sex.

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russell

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