Saturday, July 09, 2005

Holiday mode

The holiday has finally started for me too... and i'm lovin it:)

Friday evening when i arrived to Pärnu it was time for another party night, this time, club Tallinn was on the list. Amazing how you can rock all night even with hip-hop music. Basically it was just a regular party but it was interesting to watch people and human behaviour in a small group. I saw some couples forming, some already breaking up and some refinding eachother again. There's some unanswered love or admiration, call it how you like and some innocent fooling around.

Some people stand out in a positive way and some in a bit less positive. For instance, there's this one guy who seems to be a sweet guy if he wasn't such a playboy. Yesterday he's behaviour was pretty disgusting as he tried sth with almost all the girls...i think he needs a wakeup call and to realize that this way he scares them all away, actually:) And then there's this one girl who seems to be "marking her territory" and playing games that she is not ready to play, emotionally. It'll be intresting to see how this all ends.

Today's been exactly how a holiday should look like. You wake up, you go to the beach, you chill, you play some wacky sports games, you laugh, you have fun, you swim, you get sunburned, you eat, you go and have a nice coffee in a good company, you rest, maybe sleep a little, you shower, you get yourself ready for the evening and then you have the Estonian final party before going to Latvia tomorrow. Well....i've done everything up to the coffee and i just have to take it from here and form the rest of the day exactly as described:)

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