Monday, July 18, 2005

A' whatta happen?

Is it really over? 2 weeks of bliss and all gone now:(?

I’ve had so many summer universities and it still surprises me how close you can get with people in 2 weeks when you’re together with them 24/7.

I miss you guys!


lee said...

you poor thing :( .. but then again .. there is always next year to look forward to ;)

Hernes said...

jep, right you are....or...i can do sth already sooner and go visit some of the people in their respective home countries:)
anyway, i am totally in travelling mood again...

lee said...

that is nice .. well .. i got one day less than two weeks to go .. then i'll go and relax with my one true love (me) in the blissful tranquility of the kingdom of sweden .. for a week or two .. that mental image is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going :)

Anonymous said...

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