Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lost in wilderness

It's been 2 days in Latvia, in wilderness, at this magnificent place by a lake and everything's been bueno, except for the mosquitos:)............ I dunno why but i have real trouble writing this post. Firstly i seem to have lost my language skills and secondly it seems that things have happened so fast that they haven't settled in my mind, at least not thoroughly enough to be able to write about them, yet.

The group is still great and it seems that even the more quiet people are coming out of their shells. I think the saying "Shallow waters, rocky bottom" (dunno if i got this saying correctly) has a lot of meaning in it:) You know, there are the people who are louder and who run around and dance and hug and kiss and just have FUN (pronounced as funn:) and then there are the ones who you don't really see doing all those things that much and then it just happens that they are the ones who get caught having sex with someone they've just met - go figure!

For me those last days have already been rewarding - in the sense of holiday and rest and also in the sense that i've experienced some things i've never experienced before. I will not elaborate on that one but it's just been fun. I've also had some really interesting conversations and i've realized some things about life, my own life (it's deep, isn't it:) even too deep for me).

"Maybe to have a memory, you need time for reflection, however brief, to let the memory settle and find it's place." Alex Garland


N said...

Kui sa küsid minu käest tõlget ja ma küsin seda spetsiaalselt inglismaalt ja sa seda ei kasuta, siis forget about it :) STILL WATER RUNS DEEP is pretty correct :) Ja palun elaborate oma asjadega...

Hernes said...

Honey, selleks ajaks oli juba hilja. Kuid ma tanan sind siiski:) Elaboreerin privaatselt.