Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back to civilization

Seems to become bit of a norm already, to write about the happenings of 2 last days.

So we celebrated Jani, strange to do it about 2 weeks later than the actual day, but what the heck. And it turns out latvians have all the same traditions we also have for Jaanipaev - the jump over the fire, drink as much beer as possible, go to sauna, pick flowers etc - it's all connected to prospering, long life, money and for girls - getting married and seeing your future husband in your dreams. (I had no dream.) Sauna was perfect, especially together with jumping into pond... brought back the childhood memories. Oh, and then we did the wishing thing - so that you write your wish on a paper and throw it into fire and then it goes true....well i thought it was supposed to go true the next day but it turns out it applies for the whole year. But i don't think i'm interested in it going true any more:)

Then there was a bout trip on the river - nice at the beginning, wet and cold at the end:) and then we made it to Riga, finally! I've missed Riga a lot. Most of the crowd was too tired to do anything - weak! Only the Slovenian-Estonian connection (4 girls) made it to town...and we had a blast, girls night out in Riga...niiiice...very sex and the city feeling. Asking for where is club Casablanca in front of Casablanca was maybe a bit too much but it was funny alright and makes a good story.

Today the official sightseeing (i'm skipping part of it for the sake of this post:). It's nice to see that everything is quite as it's supposed to be, the dancing lady is there, the pelmeni place is still open till 4, Lido is waiting for us and the weather is perfectly hot.

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