Sunday, December 04, 2005

Egypt reloaded

The holiday week passed as an instant …but like an instant packed of emotions and energy and events…(what’s up with the E-words?:) The actual sequence of the events is probably not so important, so I just write about the most important keywords…(all the rest – the partying, lots of fun, the local shopping/bargaining etc – is a given).

The Sun

Coming from freezing cold Estonia and being greeted by the warm Egyptian sun feels absolutely rewarding. Being able to go through a whole week baretoed, wear sunglasses and summerdresses and actually get a suntan and freckles…all that in the middle of winter is scarce.

The Red sea Been there, seen all that before, and yet, every time I put my mask on and my face into the water, it amazes me - the beauty, the colours, the perfect visibility. The water is always around 25 degrees C and when you swim virtually amidst all the colourful fish and corals, you feel like you’re in a big aquarium.

My first time diving

So I did it, the diving intro. To be honest, I thought I’d hate it. You know, did it just to prove I’ve done it…But guess what, I loved it. Before going in I had the butterflies of somewhat scary excitement. First there was the feeling of discomfort because of the pressure in the ears…well, it’s a bit of an understatment, as it felt like my head was gonna burst, but once I got the stabilizing working …oh my god, the feeling of weightlessness and the 3D sensation, the fish, the water, looking up and seeing sun high above through the water…so, when I got out the butterflies were even stronger but this time, of pure excitement. I guess it helped that I had the best instructor ever (not that I’ve met many:) because in this business, when you are offering people the chance of such an amazing “first-time-sensation”, you gotta be professional and calm and love the job yourself.

My first time climbing the Moses mountain

Now here’s something different. Imagine climbing a mountain in total darkness, road lit only by torches, at 2 o’clock at night, 3 hours, 6 kilometers, 1,5 km in height, and the further up you reach, the colder it gets. And once you get up there – cold, exhausted and start waiting for the sunrise…well, I believe you’re already able to actually SEE Moses:) But the sunrise was worth it, moreover, the “hero” feeling you get was worth it.


Raul said...

Sounds like fun ;)

Hernes said...

You have no idea;)

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