Friday, December 30, 2005

My wonderful year 2005

As seen in some blogs lately, people like to conclude their year and talk about what’s been up. Why should I be any different. It turns out there was more going on than I ever remembered. I traveled more than I remember, I met many new people who were worth meeting. There were many work-related things too but i will not talk about work, let’s just say that professionally it was a good year.

January: went to Canary Islands, managing to sneak away for my birthday; T left the country
February: MM back to picture
March: MM out of the picture
April: went to London and saw the Kylie Minogue show
May: went to St Petersburg, met A and A
June: went to Hiiumaa for Jaanipäev with one of the aforementioned A-s, met M
July: organized and took part in wonderful Summer University, which took me to Riga; met Nk and R and Y
August: went to company summer-days, met VK
September: went to Slovenia for vacation and spent the best time with Nk and R, met P
October: V and another A in the picture
November: bought Robbie Williams tickets; went to Egypt and did my first diving; met O
December: had a great Christmas time…and the stories of new-year’s party are yet to come….


R said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006, My Cherry Sensation Girl!!!
New and interesting meetings are waiting for us these new year... Let's do it!!!

Hernes said...

Thank you sweety. You too! And thanks for the card, which was very creative;)

N said...

and for the record, dis is da real N speaking, and we DID NOT meet this summer... we go way back... ;)

Hernes said...

ok-ok, point taken, to protect the integrity of da real N, changed N to Nk:)

Anonymous said...

and as i see, this was not the only change in july...

Hernes said...

i have some really attentive readers:) well...what can i say, sometimes i'm forgetful...