Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 vs 2006

New Year’s eve 2005 vs 2006 was turning out to be absolutely plan free until we decided it was up to our humble selves to do sth about it. So, on 29th of December, during an intense msn conference with 5 people we managed to get the place, develop the theme, divide the assignments and start organizing. Whenever planning something… it’s always worth to go the extra mile and throw a great party… even if it is for only 6 people.

“The Place” was an almost empty flat, previously inhabited by N, her brother and the rest of their family, but now sold to a new owner. N’s mum negotiated with the new owners and managed to get another night for the kids to have a final party. She must be either a really good negotiator, or the new owner is a real bona fide purchaser.

“The theme” was “Trip around the world” (for the more sexually perverse readers, no…not what you think) – so we had an African room, a Cuban room and an Egyptian room. Imagine a new year’s eve when you can sit under a palm tree and sip a pina colada, then move on to cigars and mojitos in Cuba and finally chill in Egypt, smoking a waterpipe…

As the theme demanded, we were all supposed to be dressed up representing different nationalities of the world. I was the Cuban lady…well, sort of, considering I’m light-skinned and blonde… but I tried, N was an African lady – her skin colour doesn’t measure up either but at least the attire was appropriate. And what do we say about the rest of the company if 2 of them show up as green cats, one as Austin Powers and another one first as a wolfe with the face of a bear which looked like a dog and later as a hangman…I guess we say the world really is colourful:)
Anyways, we had an excellent time and for the future reference…you can turn to us if you wish to have your place decorated for a party with all the necessary accessories and equipment. We are especially qualified in Cuba, Africa and Egypt, but willing to take on whatever new challenge…

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