Thursday, December 29, 2005

My 2 families

This Christmas I realized I have 2 families. First is my traditional “real” family – mum, dad, sister, brother – 5 altogether. I spent the long Christmas weekend with them. We’re all a bit crazy, we argue and we fight but we enjoy being together and we’re happy that we’re all doing ok. They need me around once in a while and I need them. So we celebrated the holidays, ate a lot and exchanged presents, I got 4:)

My second family are my friends. If I take the closest circle of them – A, N, S and PM – there’s also 5 of us altogether. Some of them see me far more often than my first family, since we do live in the same city and/or work or live together. So, with them we had the “family dinner” a couple of days ago in a Russian restaurant and we had the best time – we ate, drank vodka (discovering only later, when the bill arrived, that the vodka shots were all double), reminisced and just had fun. And, I got 4 presents:)

Gotta love my 2 families! They are the best!

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