Monday, December 19, 2005

Xmas peace?…not for me!

So I’m busy… I guess that is pretty obvious by now. Sometimes there’s so much to do that I wish somebody would take away some responsibilities and take care of them…for me.

Firstly, there’s work – no peaceful Christmas time for us, as for all the clients we have to sum up the year (which means 3-5 hour meetings) and already plan ahead the next year (which means a lot of work creating media strategies and helping them plan their budgets). Not so surprisingly, all of them want all of that at basically the same time…

Secondly, there’s still the ongoing project of finding a new home. I will not even go into this matter… too frustrating. When I finally have success…then I’ll let everybody know.

Thirdly….i have taken up moviemaking:) You know, actually filming and editing the material. Necessity brought on the need to learn it but it turns out to be really cool. I am, by all means, an amateur, so don’t come asking for wedding or birthday movies. I do it only for myself (or for some really-really good friends:)

Fourthly, let’s not forget that this time of year is densely filled with various parties and other kind of social gatherings, which need attending. Plus there’s the dating life which somehow still keeps itself active.

And last, but not least, there’s the enforced shopping activity – I love giving presents to my loved ones but finding them is a serious pain in the ass.

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Anonymous said...

Citing my beloved man's father: "Take an aspirin and chill out, don't run around like a blue-a**d fly!"