Monday, October 17, 2005


Photo by: Aivo
This story is called "How to fit 3 parties in 1 weekend" a.k.a. "3in1"

At first Friday didn’t seem promising at all…I was so tired that I had to sleep a couple of hours before the night could start. Slowly we (PM, A, S and myself) started recuperating and warming up. Some food, some drinks, some Kylie Minogue last tour DVD watching, some make-up and sexy clothes and off we went to Club Angel. Ain’t no better place for partying with your own gang, than a gay club. I have written about the charms of gay clubs before… and I have to repeat – the best music for dancing, good drinks and lots of glamorous people. And, it’s probably the only place where (given that the style of the party is Hollywood stars) you can see a guy dressed as Tom Cruise in the famous dancing scene of Risky Business:) So, we danced til 4 and had a seriously good time.

Sadly enough…no time for sleeping long, like it should be appropriate after a long night out. Me and S headed for Tartu. This time I recuperated at my parents’ place – some sleep and a lot of eating. And then I had to go to a party again. I mean… I really HAD to, because I was supposed to meet people. S couldn’t accompany me this time, coz she fell ill – she’s probably not tough enough for this kind of lifestyle:) The party could have been wonderful, as the music was good, but I just couldn’t find my party animal…so I talked to people for the whole night, which was nice, actually. I still managed to stay til around 3, go figure.

Sadly enough…no time for sleeping long:) Had to head back to Tallinn…as another celebration was waiting for me. But I knew that one was not to miss. It was a birthday party of 2 very creative guys. It started at 1 o’clock…in the zoo:) The party was called “Let the animal out”. Now, picture around 50 people…dressed in animal costumes…seriously – cats and dogs and pigs and bees and flies and giraffes and camels and so on…it really was a sight for sore eyes…After a tour in the zoo we had a trolley to take us to the center of town, where, in teams of 5 or 6 we had a competition which included a digital camera, running around in old town, a bit of getting naked, some drinking and lots of interaction with “normal people” on the streets. I’d be surprised if some of us don’t end up in some TV news report or newspaper. And I’m really surprised htat none of us ended up in police station, though there were some close contacts with the police officers…all in all, the party was a really good fun!

And the result? A really tired poor lil’ ME having to get through the blue-blue Monday…

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you spared the details of my illness...still continuing in a milder form-:)