Monday, October 17, 2005

This is not a resolution

If weekend fails to serve one of it’s (I believe main) purposes – to get a good rest and be ready for a new week full of work and responsibilities, should it still be called weekend? Or is it just another part of the week?

S asked me the other day if I really go out every weekend? She said she hadn’t been out to party in a long while already. And it got me thinking… Do I? And you know what, i do, actually. Whenever I don’t have some kind of a party situation either on Friday or Saturday, there seems to be something missing... Weekend usually has 2 days and so did the last weekend…and yet, I managed to fit 3 parties into that short time…(noting that with really surprised and somewhat puzzled expression).

I’m not a kind of girl that tends to make resolutions of any kind (and this is not one) but I think I try to live a more “healthy life” for a while. I mean – more sports, healthy food, more sleep, less parties, less alcohol. It should be possible, right? See, if I have more energy then to go through the long autumn. Maybe I find out that it’s just the opposite, that the lifestyle I’m leading right now actually gives me energy…We shall see!

(Short overview of the weekend is still coming a bit later:)

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