Monday, October 10, 2005


I don’t have so much to say about the weekend, though it was a perfectly good one. I just don’t know what exactly to point out. But since it was still worth remembering it’s better to clear my own thoughts and note a couple of things down, coz my own memory can be shit sometimes.

First there was Friday evening – office-opening party of Imagine/Pulp – met some new people, ate and drank, smoked some waterpipe (oh, and Nika called, which was a really nice surprise). Had a good time. In many ways quite similar to our office parties:)…and quite similarly to our office parties we ended up going to a nightclub – BonBon. We were discussing the phenomenon of that club while at the party and also the whole weekend after that:) The entrance costs too much and it is still packed with people and so badly that at some point there’s no room to dance…or even move around in the club and all the oxygen is gone…hate it…ok, for about 15 minutes the music was really good. Every time I go there I promise not to go back but it still somehow happens…for my own defence I can say that I have always been forced to go and I’ve never paid for the ticket. Well, I also had a quite nice bumping-into-somebody-from-the-past-who’s-quite-cute and as he was suffering the same symptoms of not really liking the party, we could whine about it together:) and share a cab home later (both to their own homes:)

Saturday was about making my home prettier (well, clean up a little) and making myself prettier (all the things for myself that I have no time for during the week). Wishing happy birthday to Pusa in the evening – the upstairs of Africa is really adorable – but too knackered for staying out late.

And Sunday, a bit of working out and shopping and a lot of Robbie Williams book…I’m about to finish it and getting a bit nervous, as it is my last book from the pile I brought last time from London.

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