Sunday, January 04, 2009

My wonderful year 2008

It’s time for my yearly roundup, again. My travels, big events, people i’ve met.

Went to Morocco, escaped my BD.

Nothing, it seems (i could just copy this sentence from 2007 summary, what’s up with February?) (I did see Korn and Chris Rea in concert but really not worth putting into the year’s roundup.)

Went to Stockholm for a business meeting, saw Koop live in concert (well, saw Rihanna as well), gave my first lecture.

Went to Cognac and Bordeaux in France (strangely enought this is in connection with some latter events of the year 08), danced on stage with Angelique Kidjo during Jazzkaar, also saw Jose Gonzales in concert and Roy Ayers and Torsten Goods in a jam session.

Helped clean up Estonia, on the last day od May started my trip to Portugal, via London.

Met P. Pause. Important. Went to Portugal, met some nice people in Lisbon, among them J; saw Feist in concert in Porto, and Seal in a concert in Tallinn.

S got married and that took almost the whole month and also included a trip to London and Bradford, met the whole bunch of her new lovely in-laws. (Problems with some of the dearest, which luckily have passed.) Oh, and N moved to my neighbourhood.

Olympics, P, öölaulupidu and i got an interesting offer.

End of an era, 6 years in TM, new job, less time for blog, P.

Organised my first events at the new job, went to Copenhagen.

Went to London again, and out of it, like for instance, Bath.

Again, i can borrow from last year – not a particularly good month - for one reason, don’t wanna talk about it. Went to London again. Otherwise, you know, the regular – xmas with family 1 and family 2 and so on.

Met some very nice people this year, they know who they are, acquired 3 new countries to my list – Morocco, Portugal and Denmark. The best month by far, was June. Other than that, the information for drawing any deep conclusions is not substantial. Universe is still a mystery to me.

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