Friday, May 30, 2008

Portugal travel letter: Prologue

Today i start my soulsearching journey to the westernmost point of continental Europe. Conveniently, it's situated in Portugal, a country i've never been to. So, this trip is meaningful in many ways. I need to look deep inside of me and think a lot, that is why i go alone. The soul is not gonna search itself....

Heh, who am i kidding:) I doubt there's gonna be much soulsearching. Knowing me and my socialising powers, i doubt i'll even be alone for any of the time. There's going to be fun and sun and shopping and salsa and new people and strange coincidences and hopefully a lot more. But i promise, i try to just have a sneak peek into my soul, too!

And now i'm off to my first stop-off. London it is then!

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Anonymous said...

Have a good one!!!