Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The conference

I went to the marketing conference (Pärnu Turunduskonverents) last week. I am well aware that the longer you've been in the business, the harder it is to be surprised, therefore my expections are not so high for those conferences. I thought that, if i find 3 (new) interesting ideas from the whole conference, it can be called a succes. The party usually saves the day:)

Here's the overall numbers:
11 - number of lecturers i listened to
3 - number of lecturers who were good
1 - the one lecturer which was really surprisingly good - make a mental note, if you have a chance to listen to Kristjan Port (he also has a radio program, i believe), he's really worth listening to
2 - interesting ideas that i got (not 3 as i hoped for, but better than nothing and the party was good, i danced a lot, thank you, R)

Some pieces of information worth sharing:
- 70 mio people in the world are blogging
- YouTube was originally a MySpace application
- Nike ownes Converse
- Most of the original computer software engineers were under the influence of LSD (probably)
- The time when we can buy memory chips is not so far away anymore, give it a decade or so, the first solutions are being developed already
- Cindy Lauper was a "fad" and Madonna is a "trend"
- Somewhere in the world is a "power nap" company, which teaches the techniques of effective powernapping - very important, i could be their model student!
- 264 BC the first gladiator fight was held - this can be considered the birth of event marketing
- Walkman was a failed product development in Sony - they wanted to create a miniature tape recorder, but they had 2 obstacles - they couldn't miniaturise the speakers and it didn't record. The Sony bossman thought it could be a niche product for golf-playing executives. However, it got a somewhat warmer reception on the market:)

The best quote, by Kristjan Port (Sorry, this one in Estonian):
"Me elame nii tuulise nurga peal, et geneetiliselt ei sa meid enam ammu eestlasteks nimetada."


Anonymous said...

another decade for the memory chip??? :):):):) need it ASAP! :)

Hernes said...

i don't know, he actually promised it sooner but i toned it down a bit, pessimist as i am, i think i'll give them time to work on it a bit and get rid of the first mistakes:)like the possible side effests - loss of sleep, emotions or headaches or whatever... and what YOU need is a training in powernapping!