Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bridezilla in town

It's not that nothning's happening, a lot has happened, i just haven't written about it. S was in town for a long weekend and in addtion to dealing with some of the wedding stuff to make the bridezilla happy, we also had a very good time. The Friday night dinner got me thinking that the whole circle of closest people around me are not married yet, nor do they have kids. I guess it can be noted that people in groups tend to follow a similar pattern. All-in-all, we are nothing but animals. The fact that S is getting married can only be assigned to the fact that most of the time she's in London, far-far away from us, where J-man can work his magic on her.

Anyways, organizing a wedding is a tough job, especially if all the people around you have different expectations for it and i really don't blame S for obsessing over it. The other thing she obsesses over is the fact that she's obsessing and hence turning into a bridezilla:) But not to worry, she never will, i'm sure of that. And even if she does, she'd make a cute little bridezilla.


Anonymous said...

Sweet...can't wait to get you over here in just 2 days to obsess you with new stuff!! -;) S

Hernes said...

uuuuh, more obsessing, luv it:) some fun too, right? RIGHT?