Friday, January 02, 2009

This year will be different?

They say that the way you start your new year indicates how the rest of it will look like. Well, let's see, what can be predicted for me in 2009.

I started the year in the company of good friends (good company for the whole 2009?), drinking champagne (only quality drinks for 2009?), eating good food (bring it on in 2009) and feeling a lot more sober than in the previous years (why not, just a bit tipsy's good); and there was no hangover the next day (no hangover for whole 2009, thank you very much, i'll take it).

Plus, my January 1st was quite busy, with one of the biggest Hennessy events to be held - a Händel gala concert, to be precise, with live broadcast on TV. This might indicate that i work a lot in 2009, or go to cultural events a lot, or start my new career as an event planner, or...or...or

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR, my darlings!

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Terje said...

Super! Nii tuleb ainult hea aasta, kuniks tööga liiga ei tee.
Omalt poolt soovin kõigesse hoogu! Ainult šampust ja delikatesse! Ega kehvemat sa ju ei väärikski;)