Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two-headed Kerli Kõiv

Kerli Kõiv (picture from Google)

I was walking home on the morning of January 1st, it was already light, though still early and the big party-night had just given way to the quietest day ever. I was almost home when i noticed that the door to the Estonian songstress Kerli Kõiv's home was wide open. (She'd moved to my house at some point, to ground floor, u know, where that store used to be, with big windows.) Well, the door was wide open and she was lying on the bed. I thought it strange and maybe dangerous, so i went inside. She was lying there, crying, all sad and hung over and with two heads!!! One of them was considerably smaller than the original one. She sat up and started crying even more, saying: "Oh my god, now the whole Estonia will find out about my two heads." I felt so sorry for her and assured her no one would hear about it from me. She was just sobbing and her place was a mess and it was really cold, so i told her to come over to my place and we'll make pancakes. She perked up a little at the thought and said it would be a very nice change indeed. She stood up, took a large piece of double sided sticky-tape and with an experienced move attached the smaller head somewhere under her hair.

And that's when i woke up. I'm telling you, my dreams get weirder and weirder all the time.


Evaaa said...

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Anonymous said...

dmons have a tendency to do wird things to a person espescilly while slepping