Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The wedding

The whole big day went by fast and smoothly. I had no time for eating til the wedding dinner. You’d think that there’s not much to do with everything organized already but you’de be surprised. I was running constantly between upstairs, downstairs, bride’s room, groom’s room, my room, outside. Answering the questions of the restaurant people, the video guy, the photographer etc.

And then it was time for “the moment”. S and J both looked absolutely gorgeous and they were ready on time, so was the lovely flower girl and the ring boy and so was i and the best man. It rained a bit, but even that didn’t matter. It was beautiful! My respect also goes out to the photographer who was doing an excellent job. And before you knew it, it was time for the dinner and the party. Soon after the speeches were over and the dinner ending, i had a bit of a stress-relief-pressure-drop and i believe i got a bit drunk. Some might say it’s an understatement but i’ll argue because i was still fit enough to answer the calls of the fireworks’ people and get that sorted. But i’m still glad P took me to bed before i was totally out of it. It was a good party.
(Photos by N)

And there it was then, S and J were married! Congratulations!

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