Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The weekend before

From Friday on it all went non-stop. People started arriving from all over the world. J’s family from England and friends from even as far as New York and New Zealand. That means, even though the Estonian wedding was only on Monday we had a full program for the weekend before.

On Saturday there was dinner at restaurant Elevant. Sadly there was one small hickup, meaning that 8 of J’s relatives had missed the plane, ooops!, but all the brotehrs and sisters and their families and most of the friends were already present and it was a very good night. Knocking back vodka shots with J’s brothers till 2 at night was probably not the best idea, though:)

On Sunday we had the compulsory guided tour in Old Town and i must say it was quite good to take part in it and actually hear some things about my own city. The family had also arrived and the weather was brilliant. In the afternoon it was spa for the ladies and go-karting for the guys. Spa was far better choice for a hangover day, i’d say. Then there were some more wedding preparations in the evening and off to bed to be ready for the big day.

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