Saturday, July 26, 2008

The indian wedding

The indian wedding was not exactly a wedding, as there was no official ceremony, so it was pretty much just a big party. For this one, i hope the pictures will do a great job in telling you the story. In this party, there were 2 couples, in addition to S and J, there were also J's brother and his wife, who'd also already gotten married earlier this year.

The whole preparation process was taking place at J's parents' house and i am not exagerrating when i say there were moments when the house was literally full of people. The brides' hair and henna was done in one room, then there were some women who were cooking some food in kitchen, the TV room was full and there was just awful lot of dashing about.

The party itself was for 400 guests! But i think around 350 showed up. I believe i have never been to such a big private party. And it was all very easy, there were food and drinks and DJs playing music, so there was eating, drinking and a lot of dancing. The brides loked great in the traditional red wedding gowns and i looked great in my blue sari:) Near the end of the party there was a fire alarm and we had to evacuate and at some point there was a near-fight between 2 distant relatives and one of them was arrested. Well, you know, the normal party:)


ivar said...

Seems like a normal party, indeed :) But really normal party needs a normal band. And the most normal, danceable and entertaining band is a blues band. So, one of those you can find at:
Great blogs, Hernes. And you're beautiful :)

Hernes said...

Thanks! I gather your band is not based in Estonia, is it?