Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The hen night

Photo: Oleg Hartsenko

Now that the 10-day wedding marathon is over it is time to reflect and look back. It all started with S’s hen night on July 11th and ended with the Indian wedding in England on July 19th. I’ll try to break it up event by event and experience by experience.

The hen night

When we decided we were still going to organize a hen night for S we knew it wouldn’t be some kind of stupid thing, which always ends with a bunch of drunken girls and the bride humiliated because she has to sell condoms on the street or watch an ugly stripper dance. No, we wanted an event, which all the girls would enjoy, especially S. So it had to be something classy. The org-committee – me, N and PM – came up with an idea and negotiated the prices and cooked the food and got the drinks.

We decided that as a present to S, all the girls would shoot a calendar and do it in a photo studio with a professional photographer, make-up artist and necessary props. Something a little bit in style of Calendar Girls without the nudity (well, optional:) and a little bit in the style of America’s Next Top Model without the elimination.

We had champagne for more relaxed and natural photos and some snacks to keep us energized. We had the greatest make-up girl and the nicest photographer and it was all a proper photo shoot. The event lasted more than 4 hours, instead of the planned 2 hours. I guess it wasn’t just us who was enjoying it but also the photographer;) S had no idea what was going to happen, she only knew the address where she had to show up Friday evening at 8. And, she was quite positively surprised, even if I say so myself. We all had a great time and the pics came out really nice. Afterwards we made our way to town and met up with the guys and just chilled.

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