Friday, July 25, 2008

The warm-up party

Photos by: Me and PM

After the big day we had just a couple of days “off” and then it was time to head for England ang get ready for the Indian wedding. Thursday night was for London and me, PM, S and P went out for a meal in Camden Town. For some reason we talked about tape worm ang maggots during the whole meal while eating stuff which kind of looked like our conversation topics. That didn’t ruin our appetite, though:)

And n Friday it was time to head for Bradford, where J’s parents live. We only managed to get out of London half past 4, as S still had to get a new Brazilian visa to her new passport. Did i mention she managed to lose (misplace) her passport just days before the wedding?! Anyway, this whole business was a bit of a stress matter but finally it worked out fine.

But it meant we only got to Bradford at around 8 and had 10 mins to get ready for a party at a restaurant. This pre-wedding party was just for closest family and friends, meaning there were approx 100 people present. I can’t believe how warm and welcoming this family is. Each one of them who’d been to the Estonian wedding came greeting and hugging us. Even if we hadn’t even spoken. You just feel a lot of love when spending time with this family.

We pretty much just ate, drank, mingled and danced. And then there was this traditional thing where the girls had to dance with a whole chandelier with candles on their heads. This was for good luck for the couple. You can see on the photos that i tried it too.

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