Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Greetings, Earthlings, from Copenhagen!

Well, not really. That's what i meant to write a couple of days ago, but luckily i was too busy in Copenhagen to be sitting around, typing away at my computer. Coenhagen, Denmark was a new addition to my list, YEY! I've added a new country to my collection. I believe there are 30 now (29 by Facebook count and 30 by world66 count).

It was business at first and pleasure later. I can't write much about Cop, because i have to save my creativity for my article, but i will add some pics to tell my story, but generally it was lovely, Christiania was still there and i spent some really nice time.


Nele said...

jess jess, varsti tuleb postkaart :) ja Kop on mõnus. mulle ka väga meeldib!!

Hernes said...

Ei tea mis küll postkaardi osas vihje võis anda:)

Nele said...

vihje on see, et loen siit, et Pille-Mai saab kindlasti, aga ega see mulle muidugi 100% kindlust veel ei anna. :):):)

Hernes said...

true, true! it's just so u don't get cocky:)

aa said...