Monday, July 16, 2007

Prison party

I think I’m going through my second youth. I know that I’m not even done with my first one but how else could I explain all this partying and the crazy things I’m doing.

And so that my brother wouldn’t think that this place is a constant party and booze review, I worked last week too, but what’s there to write about, work’s work…and it’s slow right now, the only slow month in the whole year. Let’s enjoy it.

On Friday we were invited to a birthday party. Respect to the birthday child for the venue, most original birthday venue ever. The party took place at a prison (not operating as one any more), but not just a prison, but a prison with a view to the sea. We were outside, watching the sunset through the barbed wire fence, eating snacks, drinking and listening to the DJ play music. (Some pics HERE). At midnight, a bus took us to a party, free entrance for the birthday guests. The party was moderately good, but I did meet VK again after a long while and it was good to see him. At 3 we headed back to the prison for an afterparty, which, for me, lasted til 6, for N til 8 and for VK, as I heard the next day, til 10.

On Saturday there was a very low key party at A’s place, more of a get-together than a party. Said good-bye to the Swedes and just chilled a bit. On Sunday I did almost nothing. However, I managed to write an article and buy the tickets to my next destination and I salute myself for that.

Edit: More pics HERE.

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