Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blond and pink

Today was a day when i really felt my blond hair and the little pink number i was wearing was paying off when dealing with guys. First, at the car service, where i had my tyre fixed. The service guy pretty much dropped the other customer's (a man, naturally) car part to come and help me. Fixed it, replaced it and i could just stand there and be a girly girl.
Second, cutting the line in a traffic jam. Not intentionally, mind you, just didn't really see the little accident ahead, drove as close to them as possible and a nice man in the other line let me go first when the green light came on.
And as a bonus, a guy flirted with me at the blood donation center. Flirting with a blood donor is never a bad idea, at least you can already be sure he's really healthy;)

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