Monday, July 09, 2007

Toscana vol 2

Photo: N
Dear readers. I would like so much to write more about my Toscana experience but it takes too much time and new events and emotions are already flooding over with the Swedes back in town and all.
However, to the ones of you who are fluent in Estonian, N has written down everything. We shared a room and all the same experiences, the only difference being that some nights i partied longer and some nights she did.

Read more HERE.


R said...

I'm not fluent in Estonian!!! :(((
I'm glad reading that you had such a good time...


Hernes said...

thanks honey! I'll send you some pics soon, coz you know a picture says more than hundred words...or sth like that:)

R said...

Yupiiii!!! I'm looking forward to see them!!! I'll send you back some pics as well... ;)))