Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5 men in boxers a.k.a how to get out of a flat in old town

I have to tell you the story about the Saturday night when I arrived home from Tuscany. I got home around 10.30 PM, didn’t even bother to unpack, showered, and headed to A’s place for a party. As mentioned already, the legendary Swedes – Mr. Acorn and Mr. S are back in town for a week. The rest of the night went as quickly and crazily as a Guy Ritchie movie.

The house party was extremely interesting, especially because I was the only girl with 5 guys, khm khm. Those people are crazy, but in a good way. When I went to the party I remember thinking, let them not want to go to a club too soon. I wouldn’t want to go but I want to party. The party was kicking off nicely – talking, drinking and dancing to Juvelen. (I think I have to make a formal introduction of Juvelen, too, but later). At some point all the guys felt it was time for a party in boxer shorts, so off went the trousers. I’m not gonna tell you if I followed suit or not.

Pretty soon it was still time to head for a club, suddenly it didn’t seem like a bad idea to me. Mr. A had the best outfit – he was wearing pyjama pants, a tank top, white jacket and blue shoes. The only problem the club security had with his outfit was that he had rolled the pyjamas up to his knees. “No shorts in our club.” No problem, we roll them down. At least you let people in pyjamas in, that’s nice of you.

The biggest surprise at the party was that the clubs are now smoke-free. They have this awful little see-through closet for smokers. Everyone who exits that thing smells like an ashtray, but my own hair and clothes staid smoke-free. However, during the smoking times smoke acted as camouflage for all the bodily odours, which cannot be avoided in a packed night club, and now they were all present. But even with my sensitive olfactory senses it wasn’t all that bad.

After the party, at around 6 or 7 o’clock we headed for the third Swede’s – Mr. Nui’s – old town flat. The others started to cook some food and I just fell asleep. When I woke up 8.30 in the morning I just had to get home, to my own bed, where I hadn’t slept for more than a week. But boy, has Mr Nui built a little trap for himself. You can get in but you can’t get out! The exit was in an inyard, there were 2 different gates to choose from, both of them closed with no way to open them. What was I to do, other than climb the fence. Imagine that – 8.30 in the morning, old town, early tourists walking by. Walked home, bought some milk for the morning coffee and went to sleep for 3 hours when the phone call from my mum woke me up.

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