Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The ongoing weekend

Photo: Mark
The busier i get, the shorter my posts get. I think, for the sake of savouring my holiday, i have to start using catch phrases to communicate. S is in town, Ms. S. We are pretty much living her busy schedule. However, i manage to sneak in some fun things, like a party in Pärnu etc. Photo: Mark
The recap:
- we have driven 700 km and that pretty much covers whole Estonia
- when the weather is good, Estonian summer is the best (pictures will follow soon)
- and yes, i am definitely living thorugh my second youth OR entering some new interesting level of my development
- we've seen several good places for organizing a wedding (not mine) and probably picked one out
- ended up dancing on a stage with the lead singer of Kokolo
- managed to refresh my tan lines
- received one of the strangest compliments i've ever received "Look at that cute nose, many people in LA would pay good money for it."
- had an excellent party

Photo: N


R said...

Yep... A wonderful nose... of course! ;)) LU, MU!

Hernes said...

Thank you honey:) MU too