Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mask and moustache

Just a quick recap of what’s been up. Last Thursday brought a bit of glamour to my life, for monsieur Lee celebrated his birthday in Venetian masquerade style. Mask, boa, gloves up to my shoulders, little black dress and red shoes completed my look. The party was really glam, with a band and magician and ballroom dancing. Waiting for new interesting surprises next year. The pics are here.

Last Saturday it was the Borat day. With bunch of my friends we got to go to the pre-screening of the film. High fiiive! I laughed so much that I got a headache. After seeing the movie I don’t understand what is Kazakhstan whining about. The movie makes U, S and A look bad, with all their false puritanism and bigotry, not Kazakhstan. Who hasn’t heard about Borat must have been living under a stone, but if you’re really lost, let me know and I’ll give you some explanatory links. For the ones who know him and are wondering about how he could make the film happen, here’s some info about how the people were talked into consenting to interviews.

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