Thursday, October 19, 2006

For R

Honey, I know you're going through hard times and that you're hurting and i promise it'll be alright...someday. Good things will start happening to you...for sure!

This song is for you:

Alright (link to live performance)

Wipe those tears away from your eyes
Just take my hand you don't have to cry
It'll be alright
I'll make it alright
Don't let the world get you down
Reach for the love that's all around
It'll be alright baby we'll make it alright


R said...

Thank you, Cherry. I'm facing these sad moments feeling your support... Love ya, miss ya soooo much...

N said...

Dear R, I send you a BIIG BIIIG "PAI". PAI is very good and carries only the bestest intentions and wishes. PAI always helps. In every situation. PAI is impossible to translate into english, but it helps nevertheless. BIG PAI to you, R!

R said...

Thank you very much, N! I'm really glad to "read" you around again... ;)