Monday, October 23, 2006


Today’s the day – Robbie Williams’s new album Rudebox is out. I must say it has surprised me in the most positive way. Not that I don’t have faith in Mr. Williams, course I do, he’s my main man. But…I mean, the album comes out less than a year after the last one and the man’s been on world tour for half of the time. Yet, the album is splendid. Better than the last one. I guess having all the great producers like for instance William Orbit and Mark Ronson aboard, helps a little. The album is very honest. In the song’s 80’s and 90’s you can pretty much listen to his whole life story and if you know a bit more about him from his book or interviews, several other songs can also be recognised as autobiographic. From all his albums, I think this one has most number of loans from other artists and genres. There’s a bit of Manu Chao, Pet Shop Boys and even Enya, the styles range from country to 80’s electro. And still, it’s got Robbie Williams written all over it and the whole bunch of eclecticism forms a tasty collection.

My top favourite songs are Louise, She’s Madonna, Actor, 80’s, Lovelight. Louise probably wins in lyrics and She’s Madonna in the tune department, even though you’d have to twist my arms to actually make me choose between the two:) Now, as I said, the album’s out, so go and buy it from your closest music store. But just to get you started, here’s one for you to listen. I only chose this one of the 2 because of all the publicity the lyrics have received.

Edit: I know a lot of the songs are covers of other artists, that does not bother me, they're still served in thick RW sauce. However, finding out that Louise was also a cover made me just a bit sad:(

Robbie Williams
She’s Madonna (just download it from here, i can't seem to get the listening thingy working)


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