Monday, November 06, 2006

Last week

Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee
Last week, Pink came to see me. Alright, she came to Estonia and I went to see her. I can’t say I’m a fan but she’s ok. And as she took the trouble of coming here….who am I to not go and see her show:) She seemed a bit tired or bored or she just couldn’t give a sh*t or maybe that’s what she’s about with the whole lot of attitude she’s got. Her live singing was better than I expected and she was really convincing in her act. And her acrobatics… 3 meters high in air, tangling on 2 strings of cloth…amazing! She’s got courage to do that without any safety cords AND keep singing while doing it. Respect! I don’t have any material from the Tallinn concert, but somebody filmed a bit of it on a Wembley concert, take a look here.
Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee
Last week, I also saw Fame, the musical. I’m not easily excited about musicals, if they don’t have either extraordinary good musical numbers or someone with amazing voice singing all the songs…and Fame sadly also failed to excite me. With one exception. The black Swedish guy (what a contradiction, right:) was really good in what he was doing in the dance numbers. And of course, his adorable Swedish accent just melted me. Then again, I may not be entirely impartial, for I’m a sucker for the accent. Anyhow, impartial or not, he danced really well.
Photo: Rocky
Last week, I also took part in a movie, in a “mass scene”. Or not so much of a mass scene, if you consider it was a house party with approximately 20 people or so. We went there with approximately 12 or more of our gang, we were dressed in 70’s style, were drinking wine and eating and being filmed at the same time. What a nice way to spend Saturdays:) I’ll let you know when to see me in the movie theaters.

It seems I did a lot last week.

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