Monday, November 27, 2006

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Sleep-sleep-sleep….dreams-dreams-dreams. It’s been all about dream life and sleeping lately. I think I’ve talked about dreams lately with almost everyone. Talked about the power of dreams, flying in dreams, freaky sexual dreams, dreams so real you think they’ve happened for real etc. And then there’s sleeping and the enormous need of sleep all the time. This weekend that’s almost all I did. From Friday to Saturday I slept 13 hours, from Saturday to Sunday 11 hours. And that couldn’t stop me from taking 1,5 hour naps during the day. If I count the hours from Friday evening to Monday morning, then I’ve slept 35 hours from total 58. This is weird stuff. I think I’m starting to hibernate. When I’ve slept enough I hope the handsome prince will be on hand to wake me from my beauty sleep.

Edit: At least i wake up, after i've done my sleeping. Please read here about how one girl didn't wake up after a night out. It's in Estonian but i feel i need to spread the word. Don't leave your drinks alone when you party and don't let strangers buy you drinks. This is serious stuff!!

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Evaaa said...

Teadagi, tal vedas isegi. Ma just mõtlesin eriti kõvasti, et kes sa oled?!