Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rare speciMEN

I remember one day I was walking around in old town when I noticed a beautiful house and I remember thinking: “Wtf, has this always been here?!” I don’t know much about my city, either. I don’t know which is the oldest house and I haven’t been at the top of the tallest tower and I haven’t even been to the new KUMU. I know more about nice cafes, good places to eat, best places for dancing or just chilling, good shopping venues – you know, all the useful information.

Sometimes it’s nice to have friends from abroad visiting your city. Then you can do your part and take them to the beach overlooking the city and watch the sunset together and have them wonder about the fact that “Omg, you have real sand, I thought your beaches are stony, but this is like back home.” And you can take them to see the monastery and make pictures of the cemetery in the fading daylight and look at the ships in the red sunset afterglow. And you will have a good time and they will like it.

There’s an interesting point my foreign friends raised. “We don’t see any Estonian guys around. There’s loads of girls, who are gorgeous by the way, but where are the guys!? They seem to be a rarity. We’d like to photograph them. We bet your girls, when they’ve snatched one, have chained them to the beds or kitchen tables or bathroom pipes in order to not let them get away.” We were sitting in a café and I took a look around and that seemed to be true. I saw Estonian girls and women but the few men who were around were not Estonian…what’s up with that?

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