Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blue assed fly

Photo: Steve Alkok
I am really-really busy lately. Or, paraphrasing my good friend’s boyfriend’s dad: “I’m running around like a blue-assed fly.” I know I should take an aspirin and just chill out:) but I can’t afford it - too much work. However, as it is already “little Friday”, and before we move on to another weekend I need to jot down some catchwords from the last one.

Last Friday’s main event was the Simply Red concert. It was brilliant. You might think that after seeing all those artists this year, like for instance Depeche Mode and of course – Robbie Williams – what could a middle-aged red-haired man have to offer, but you’d be surprised. First of all Mick Hucknall’s voice is amazing, and secondly, the way he communicated with the audience, with the looks, moves, words….he really had us eating from his palm. People were jamming all through the concert and after he’d finally done all the encore songs like “Stars” and “If You Don’t Know Me by Now”, I had a feeling everyone left the concert hall totally satisfied.

Last Saturday’s main event was Kiku’s birthday. Now, you know how everybody’s always looking for new and interesting ideas for celebrating various parties and how hard it is to come up with something nuevo. However, this time I was surprised. The whole birthday gang met up at the railway station at 9 pm. Then we were taken on a bus, which would take us to Tartu for a party. That meant 2,5 hours of joyriding – having some drinks, chatting, making stops at gas stations, getting gradually more and more tipsy – you know, the normal warm-up party. By the time we reached the club Illusion in Tartu we were all quite in the mood for party. All the fun continued in the club – the music was good and we danced a lot but parts of the evening are a blur to me. I remember at some point Kiku was splashing people with Moet and that some people were sleeping (not me!) and that a girl! was hitting on me etc. The party ended at around 4 but the bus was not to leave before 5, so the whole group poured all over Tartu center. There was some wrestling, running, some crying and some laughing… How we all managed to not get lost and still catch the bus is beyond me. Anyway…at 8 am we were back in Tallinn, at the railway station, in pouring rain, reluctant to go home, under the examining eyes of the “normal people” for whom the new day had already started. Some of the personal tragedies of that evening aside, it was a good party!


Mark said...

So old people party too :)

Hernes said...

You arrogant bastard:) I can outparty you anytime.

Mark said...

Could you now :D