Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm not tellin...

Whenever i have a bigger pause in blogging, it can be of various reasons. Either my life is too good, so that i don't have time to write, or it's bad and i don't feel like writing, or i'm away or i'm just too busy etc. So, there's really no way of telling which one of the reasons it is this time.

I am still not writing, so i will not tell you about last weeks events or how me and my bro and sis were making a present for our parents' anniversary and how it turned out or how i went to see Taarka in the very south of Estonia or how i slept for 15 hours or how i (again!) wished someone happy birthday in my dream and then forgot to do it in real life. Since i am not telling you about all of those things it's better that you ask about them from me.

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