Friday, August 25, 2006

Creativity enhanced

Who would have thought creativity can be taught… and that there actually are techniques to enhance creativity both individually and in a group. But it can and there are and I know them now and you have no idea how creative I am at this very moment:) I have just arrived from a very intensive 2-day creativity training. It seems I’ve been away for a week. 3 nights of party and 2 days of brainwork. I must say it has drained me of all the energy. At least it’s Friday and Mr. Friday does not care that this week he’s been outrun by Mr. Tuesday, Mr. Wednesday and Mr. Thursday, he’s already lurking around, whispering sweet nothings to my ear. It also seems this week Mr. Saturday has been alarmed and he’s already waiting with ice preparing in the freezer and as I have heard through the grape wine, another Mr…Mr. Saaremaa (Härra Saaremaa) has been invited…. I hope I get safe and sound through this week and weekend.


Mark said...


Nädalapäevad on NAISED, mitte mehed ... kapiish! See on tõestatud fakt (minu poolt)

Hernes said...

Sinul nad ju võivad olla, mis nad tahavad, aga ära tule mulle rääkima, et mingi Ms Friday mulle kõrva sisse sosistab:)