Monday, September 04, 2006

The Swedes have left the country

Yep, it’s official, the legendary Mr. Acorn and Mr. Punisher have left Estonia. Last Saturday we packed their little “Ferrari” with all their stuff and sent them off to Sweden.

They came to Estonia and to our lives about a year ago, they somehow managed to find their way to our friends’ circle and to our little hearts….and now they left…How could they do that to us!?!? Now we have to manage to cope without their adorable Swedish accent and their jokes and their parties (I’ve got loads and loads of good things to say about them but this post should not be about praising them but about dispraising them for leaving us:). At last Friday’s farewell party I was so melancholy that even alcohol was not working. So, all those cocktails didn’t manage to get me drunk but the next day i still had a massive hangover, how cruel is that!?

Anyhow, temporary melancholy mood aside, the summer 2006 was absolutely amazing and the Swedes were an integral part of it and I have a feeling this is not the end of it all and we’ll be seeing more of them soon enough. That’s just the feeling I have. And my instincts don’t usually lie;)

"Sometimes it's good to feel something."


R said...

Ummmm... I'm jealous! I want a Swedish in my life too!!! ;P

Mark said...

Tundsidki juba tüübid veits liiga koduselt ennast ja olidki kauaks jäänud, kõtt kodumaale tagasi. Fair well :)

Hernes said...

heh, sa ei tea ju üldse teemat:) mis sa siin laiad:)

Mark said...

No kui ma teemat teaks siis ma ju ei laiakski heh :)

R said...

So... Estonian is used for secret comments... I have to look for a faster Estonian course!!! ;P