Saturday, September 16, 2006


Have you ever wondered about how fragile is a human life. You stick a blade of a knife into the right place and a person dies. A tiny piece of metal, entering the body with high velocity can kill us. So can a reckless driver who hits us on the street. How can it be that in the evolution process we were formed so brilliantly that we have this whole elaborate system of bloodstream and muscles and nerves and digestion and so on, but our protection system is unbelievably weak. I think we definitely need some pimping in that department. Just think about it, we have a thin layer of skin covering all this intricate system. It’s even worse with the innate protection system and how badly we actually know what is going on inside of us. What we notice outside, are the small things, like when we gain or lose some weight, or we get a pimple or our skin colour changes after sun tanning – the mostly unimportant stuff. However, there’s often no way of knowing if there’s something really wrong with us. There could be a tumour a size of tennis ball somewhere inside us and we would have no way of knowing. For heaven’s sake, for a while we wouldn’t even know if there were a whole new life growing inside of us, before some obvious signs would give that away.

Have you ever felt that you want to LOOK inside of yourself, to see, what you have there or find out what is causing some pain so you would know what to do about it? I know doctors can actually do that but they usually do it if you already know, that you have some problem, which needs to be checked. They’d never give you a whole body scan without any reason, just for checkup. I know this topic is way too serious but when you hear that a young and seemingly perfectly healthy man dies in 2 months after finding out cancer has taken over his entire body and several other stories, it just makes you think. I’ve never been much of a fan of hypochondriacs and never will be but reasonable doubt is definitely wise when it comes to your own body and health. This is all we have here, one body and one life. Take care of it.

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are

Sting - Fragile (live performance video here)


Mark said...

Inimesed on isekad ... tahavad omale kuulikindlat nahka ja koju koridori catscani, mis hommikul ütleb: you’re perfectly fine sir, no tumors today. Have a nice morning!
Ükspäev Kennetiga arutasime u samal teemal, või pigem vaidlesime selle üle kui palju inimesi maailmas elab. Google oli u 12 sekundi kaugusel, aga meile väga meeldib vaielda. Iva nimelt oli selles, et ma järjekordselt upgrade’sin oma teadmisi discovery abil ja seal räägiti, et üks väga oluline piir on ületatud. Kuigi inimene kaalub keskmiselt 70 kg on see maakerale tühimass aga korruta see 6,544,801,596 see on aga hoopis teine asi. Maakera jaoks olme me lihtsalt tema ökosüsteemi toiduahela üks lüli. Kui meid parasiite siia liiga palju sigib, siis viskab ta meile mõne Katariina või muu looduskatastroofi. Aga väikselt hoiab tasakaalu just vähk, autoavariid ja loomulikult sõjad. Seega mina arvan et me oleme just täpselt ideaalselt n.ö engineered –maakera jaoks :(

Hernes said...

hmmm..vägagi huvitav vaatenurk. aga see, kuidas toimub väikest viisi selektsioon, kes peab nüüd maakeralt lahkuma, on ikkagi tihtipeale väga arusaamatu.

Mark said...

No doubt … but the round fat fucker just doesn’t care - murders, saints or pregnant women. Where nonething do mother earth ... sad, so sad :(

lee said...

on the other hand .. the weaker you are, the less you suffer .. i mean .. if you where able to live without your head .. and if there was a horrible diy accident .. that would be exactly what you'd have to do .. live without a head .. just think about the technical challenges .. you'd be a cripple! .. pai

Anonymous said...

... doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are ... suffering is suffering and strong ones just hide it better, it hurts the same and whatdoyoumean ... what technical challenges, explain? I really do have very colorful imagination ... please describe to me a diy accident where you could lose a head :)

Kate the Peon said...

At times I would like to know if anything is lurking inside of me...but other times I'm content to not know.