Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is my church...

Lots of stuff has been happening, and it’s been fun, amigos! I just need to jot everything down so when it’s December I can remember all the fun I was having this summer. Estonian summer’s been good to us. Like Mr. Svenne pointed out on the beach on Sunday afternoon: “Take a look at the sea and sun and heaven and beach and the moment…and remember it…for December.” And so I did.

But last Friday there was a birthday party to celebrate (also known under the name of “F*ttslem reloaded” – don’t even ask the meaning, it comes with a story:). Where else than in Estonia….that you take a container of helium as a birthday present and you see a group of grown-ups inhaling the helium, talking with cartoon voices and laughing their asses off. Kids out there, I’m telling you this ...you don’t need no drugs when you’ve got the company and a bit of helium:)! I have a feeling the neighbors didn’t quite like us though (but why?!?)…but then again, a good party actually should have a visit by the police, or no? Anyway….loads and loads of fun it was!

What else, oh, yeah, as from Saturday I’ve got wheels and at least for a while being I can drive around and enjoy the freedom a car provides. (Not enjoying the rising gasoline prices that much, though.)

Sunday was exactly like it was supposed to be – zoom out and just chill. Religious people go to church on Sundays. With good weather, the beach is my church, so that’s where I need to go. Swimming, sunbathing, dozing off, smoking the waterpipe…all that in the excellent company of 4 men – tell me if that is not paradise. If church was like that, I tell you I’d be going on a daily basis:)

"This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts..." - Faithless "God is a DJ"

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