Monday, July 10, 2006


I had a good weekend, again. Lately, one of the main keywords has been “expect less, get more”, for whenever I’ve had low expectations (or none at all) of some event, it has turned out to be really fulfilling. Another keyword of this summer’s events has been “everything connected with sea” – beaches, ships, waves, fish etc…I’m trying to read the signs here, but I don’t get it. Should I become a fisherman? Or marry a sailor, or what? As also proven in one of the conversation of the weekend…reading signs can be real difficult.

Anyways, this last weekend we went to meet our company’s Latvian and Lithuanian partners who were a lot nicer than expected. We all met up in Lithuania and staid in an absolutely amazing place by the Curonian lagoon (Kursio Marios), where the host and hostess were taking excellent care of us. The 200 kg weighing chefs prepared us delicious meals and the local beer and cold rosé wine were perfect for washing it down and cool us in the 34 C degree summer heat.

The little lagoon is almost a closed body of water and was too warm to provide any kind of refreshment. So, we took the boats to cross the lagoon and check out the sand dunes on the peninsula and chill a little bit on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, on the other side of the peninsula. And in the evenings we talked, we bonded, we partied, we made speeches, we sang, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we cried and we made new friends. And it was all worth the 22-hour drive there and back.

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